Welcome to MyTraining

This is our first blog post. I’d like to kick off with a quick explanation of what MyTraining is and why we’re building it.

Workout Tool 

We created MyTraining because we love to train and wanted a better way to organize our workout plans. (We had enough of notepads, PDFs, etc.). The Internet is lacking an open tool specifically designed to create and follow any kind of workout, so we decided to build just that.


Working out is a social thing—we all like to compare our progress, get motivation, and learn from others. Sometimes Facebook doesn’t quite feel like the right place to post that gym selfie when we want to show a great post-workout pump, so dedicated to people who are into training, where its members can help each other and post all the fitness-related stuff they want without feeling any guilt.


Trainers are one of the most important parts of the fitness ecosystem. They’re the experts in the house, but we feel being overlooked by the current fitness apps and websites. MyTraining wants to change that.

American Company, Brazilian Origins

The whole founding team is from Brazil. Growing a startup is hard and going global is almost impossible if you’re not from the United States. (I wrote more about this subject from a Brazilian perspective here). But playing against the odds can the thrilling and we love a big challenge.


MyTraining is a free product. The only reward we expect for now is that people enjoy what we’re building. Sure, we’re ambitious and plan to turn the company into a real business in the future—but, at the moment, knowing that there are people all over the world training with something that we created is a great motivation for us to keep doing this.

We hope you all enjoy as much as we do!

– Rudi