Interview with the Amazing Sarah Grace

The fitness trainer and athlete shares some of her secrets to achieving the ultimate physique.

We first became aware of Sarah through the excellent workout videos she posts on her social media accounts. Sarah is a great trainer with a unique and diverse background: she has competed nationally both in NPC bodybuilding and in CrossFit contests — and she is also a former boxer! Everyone at MyTraining is a big fan of her work not only because her training sessions are awesome, but also because of the positive energy she passes in her videos.

In the interview below, Sarah tells us a little more about herself, offers some fitness tips, and shares two very effective workouts that will help you train your entire body.

MT:  Your first workout videos primarily featured bodybuilding movements, but now the majority of your workouts are CrossFit. What is the main difference between these two training methods, and what motivated you to change your focus?

 Sarah: I think the main difference between the sport of bodybuilding and CrossFit is the metabolic demands that you put on your body. CrossFit is much more varied and intense, whereas bodybuilding is more standard weightlifting and cardio. CrossFit involves gymnastics, Olympic lifting, bodybuilding movements, and plyometrics. What attracted me to the sport was how diverse and constantly challenging it is. I come from a competitive sports background, so for me, CrossFit embodies the right balance of sports and strength training. 

MT: What is the most important advice that you can give to someone who watches your videos and is inspired to put in the work necessary to achieve a physique similar to yours?

Sarah: Stay consistent. It’s all about consistency so that your body begins to work for you. Once you have been consistent with your training and diet, it becomes a lifestyle. It’s all about choosing to pursue a healthier way of living instead of just looking at it as a temporary fix to look a certain way. 

MT: Can you briefly explain your training philosophy and what makes it unique?

Sarah: I eat to perform at my best, and I train to perform even better. I fuel my body so I can get in the gym and crush my workouts. It’s all about being stronger and more efficient at CrossFit—getting the most out of each of my workouts. The look comes with the territory. 

MT: What do you like to do when you’re not training or growing your fitness business?

 Sarah: I love the sun—beach or pool. I enjoy traveling with my husband and checking out different CrossFit boxes. I’m also quite the foodie, so trying out different restaurants on the weekend or creating healthy, delicious meals at home are also things I enjoy. 

MT: Many of our users are always looking for fast and effective training routines that work out the entire body. Do you have any suggestions? 

Sarah: Well, I think every training routine should include barbell back squats and deadlifts, so I would recommend those movements as well as the workouts I developed that incorporate those movements.

I hope that works!

MT: Thanks for the workouts, Sarah!

Visit Sarah’s YouTube channel and Facebook page for more of her inspiring workout videos and exercise tips.

 In addition to her videos and personal training, Sarah also offers virtual coaching. Visit for more details.